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Since Derek Prince has passed away, are his works still covered by copyright?

Yes. Any book in print by a publishing house is bound by copyright restrictions due to contractual agreement. Written permission must be obtained from the publisher for photocopying or use in other publications (except within “Fair Use” guidelines). See the copyright page for contact information. For CD, DVD, MP3 materials or Derek’s teaching letters, it has consistently been the policy of Derek Prince Ministries to allow individuals to make copies for giving away.

Can I translate Derek Prince’s Bible teaching into my own language?

Contact your nearest office to find out the procedure for new translation and publishing.

Where can I buy non-English books?

Derek Prince's Bible teaching is available in many languages in format. You could even use these materials for outreach in your city. Contact us at dpmafrica@gmail.com and we will direct you to the appropriate office.

Do you hold conferences?

Conferences are held in some countries. Although not all offices hold conferences of their own, We do participate in those organized by the local churches and ministries.