Christian Foundations Course

How long should I spend studying every week?

This will vary depending on a number of things e.g. how fast you read. There are 52 lessons, if you complete one a week you will complete the course in a year but remember some weeks you will have to do an exam as well.

The most important thing is to be regular in doing your study. For some students two hours, once a week works whilst others may spend half an hour a day or even half a day once a fortnight. You need to find what suits you best.  If you don’t study regularly you may forget what you’ve learnt in the previous lesson.

How many students do you have?

At present we have about 350 active students from all over the world. These include people from all walks of life; pastors to prisoners!

What is the most difficult section of the course?

Most students fly through module 1 but struggle with module 2. PP2 is probably the most difficult, partly because it is a long section and has 2 special assignments attached to it. The subjects taught in module 3 are seldom taught in church and therefore interest causes students to speed up. What do you think the most difficult section of the course is? Let’s hear from you!

Which translation of the Bible do you recommend for this course?

Derek Prince used the NKJ but also adapted it for KJ, NIV, and NAS. If I had to choose, it would either be NIV or NKJ, the majority of students use NIV.

I’m a slow reader, are there tapes with the lessons?

Yes, there are audio, video, CD and DVD, all these are available at a 25% discount to students and can be ordered by phone or the on-line shop. It should be noted, however, that these messages do not go into the content in the same depth as the books.

I was wondering how the modules are delivered. I mean if I was to sign up and pay monthly do all 3 modules come together in the pack or are they sent out after each one is completed?

When you enrol, you are sent the first module. Towards the end of the module is an order form for module 2, which you complete and send to us when you have reached that point in your study. You will then be sent module 2. The same process applies to module 3.

Are exams sent with the course at the beginning, or mailed out at a different time?

Exams are included in every module, once you have completed an exam you send the answer sheet to be marked.