Prayer Focus 18/09/2022 - 24/09/2022


September 18—Japan

  • Continue to pray for wisdom for 'Yvonne' as she translates Derek’s teaching into Japanese.
  • Pray for more people to visit our Japanese Facebook page and website and for believers to grow in their faith from the material found there.

September 19—Egypt

The team has now completed the translation (dubbing and editing) of two of Derek’s videos into Arabic: And Then the End Shall Come and Orphans, Widows, the Poor and Oppressed. Pray that the Lord will use this teaching to encourage and minister to those who see it.

September 20—Egypt/North Africa

The team in Egypt is translating the videos War in the Heavens and War on Earth into the Kabyle language (spoken in North Africa, Algeria and Morocco) and also the books, God's Will for Your Life and Blessing or Curse: You Can Choose. Pray for them as they record them as audio teachings.

September 21—Russia 

We continue to produce Russian material for both Russia (and Ukraine) and have prepared almost half of the audios and videos (for YouTube) of the daily proclamations from Declaring God’s Word to be ready for 2023. Please pray for those involved. 

September 22—Belarus

  • Pray for God’s guidance in printing new books and for the funds needed.
  • Pray for all projects in the coming months to be successfully completed. 

Testimony – Belarus
God is working in the hearts of students who are studying at our DPM Bible Correspondence School. Here is a recent testimony from Anna, one of the students:
“I’ve been learning in DPM’s Bible Correspondence School for a year. I look forward to a new term, new assignments and lectures. I organise my calendar and prepare myself and open my heart for revelation. And, of course, I pray before I start to study and ask for God’s guidance. Sometimes I am disturbed because of work, household chores and many other things. But I feel supported and inspired and have a desire to pray through it. The more I seek God and immerse myself in His Word, the tighter our relationship gets. Even when I’m just reading my own notes, I’m filled with joy and longing to fully commit myself to God. I thank God for DPM and all the things you’re doing, your hard work and diligence. God’s Word becomes a firm rock, shield and guard for me more and more. May God bless you.” 

September 23—Ukraine

Many soldiers and others in the war zone are turning to God. Pray that local churches, volunteers, and chaplains will be ready for this challenge. We have distributed thousands of The Divine Exchange booklets and proclamation cards. We plan to print additional Russian and Ukrainian evangelistic cards with a short explanation of the Gospel and a prayer. These are especially useful for soldiers and people on the move. Pray for every person who gets Derek’s material to come to salvation or be encouraged in their faith.

September 24—Sri Lanka 

Sri Lanka is going through its worst economic crisis in more than 70 years. Pray for God’s wisdom and provision for our representative, Bishop Prince, at this challenging time as he continues to reach out to churches, believers, and the needy and distributes Derek’s material.

Outreach Reports – Sri Lanka
Praise God for His protection and provision for Coordinator Bishop Prince, DPM–New Zealand Trustee, Alan, and his wife Lynda, and India Directors Elsie and Danny as they travelled through the country recently for two weeks. Elsie advises, “We faced several challenges, but the word God put in our hearts was that our visit was for a breakthrough, and we literally saw miracle after miracle—from our journey in Trichy (India) to Colombo (Sri Lanka), within Sri Lanka where diesel is rationed, and then our trip back into India. Not only that, but we were able to take 126 audio Bibles in Tamil to uneducated believers in Mangani village (India) where many people received them with tears. Derek’s teaching has brought a huge change to this nation, which we witnessed with our own eyes.”