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Seventeen years ago I was prompted by the Lord to put six of Derek's most significant books into one compilation which we called Life Changing Spiritual Power (LCSP). Those six books are The Divine Exchange; How to Pass from Curse to Blessing; The Holy Spirit in You; God's Medicine Bottle; Spiritual Warfare and the Self Study Bible Course...

Then on 31 December 2009, in a dream, I was recalling some of the testimonies I had read about the power of the messages in the six books and how God had used these to radically change many lives.  

In the dream, I felt encouraged by the Lord to set a target to print one million copies of Life Changing Spiritual Power in many languages and, in most cases, to freely distribute them to Pastors and Christian leaders in many nations.

Seven years later, since we began our One Million Book Mission in 2010, 615,000 copies of Life Changing Spiritual Power have now been printed in over 30 different languages and in 20 nations, including the India Sub-continent, Uganda, Kenya, South East Asia, China, Mongolia, as well as in eight East European nations.  

In some nations, such as Cambodia and the Philippines, due to demand the individual titles are initially printed separately as soon as translation is completed, then once all six titles have been translated, they are compiled into one volume.

Testimony – Sri Lanka

Ps. Suresh and Narmada from Mannar, Sri Lanka received a copy of LCSP through one of the seminars held by DPM-India Directors, Elsie and Danny, in Mannar.  They were really being touched by the Curse to Blessing teaching contained in the book and decided to teach their congregation from it.  They began to do this over a 40 day fasting and prayer period that they held in their church.  As they began to teach, Ps. Suresh says that charms and talismans and all kind of witchcraft began to be manifested and broken in the homes of the people.  He says they never visited any of the church members’ houses for prayer; all they did was teach from the book and people began to get their deliverance.  It was an amazing experience for them and now they have begun to teach the girls at their children’s home from the Self Study Bible Course.

Testimony – Philippines

The owner of a book store in the Philippines, who sells Derek’s books, is a member of a mega-church in Manila and also leads a Bible study group. He introduced How to Pass from Curse to Blessing to the group, and this had a profound effect on them as they had never before heard teaching along these lines.  They were so blessed by the teaching that the book store owner became very enthusiastic for Derek's teaching, as did the group members, who also prayed for release from any generational curses.  Many more book shops across the Philippines now stock Derek’s books.

Testimony – Pakistan  (A Pastor from Zob)

I live in the outer area of Quetta amongst rocky mountains, near a dangerous, sensitive and rigid community. I got what I was praying for (LCSP). God opened my mind and heart during the reading of LCSP to see and experience things with clarity. I feel like a dark blanket has been lifted from my mind. Now I clearly understand what God wants from my life. Now I am truly experiencing the Life Changing Spiritual Power. Thank you DPM. 

Back in 2010 I would never have thought that this one compilation book would impact so many people speaking Albanian, Bangla, Bengali, Burmese, Chinese (Simplified), Croatian, Czech, English, French, Gujarathi, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Kannada, Khasi, Lugandan, Malayalam, Malaysian, Marathi, Mongolian, Nepali, Oriya, Polish, Romanian, Serbian, Sinhalese, Slovakian, Swahili, Tamil, Telugu and Urdu languages. 


In fact, the demand is growing so much
so that we need to urgently reprint over 40,000 copies in various languages.

  • In Indonesia an urgent reprint of 10,000 copies is needed to send to Christian leaders in remote areas.  Copies are also being distributed at a men’s prison.
  • In the Philippines we have printed three of the six titles making up LCSP in Tagalog, the national language, with translation almost completed on the remaining three titles.  Our Director, John Cochrane, would like to supply 5,000 copies to Pastors and Christian leaders throughout the Philippines. With many here lacking a good understanding of Biblical truth, this teaching will be a huge help to these leaders.
  • In Cambodia we have completed translation of four of the six titles into Khmer (the official language of Cambodia).  We have finished the first print-run of two titles, and will start printing the other four as soon as we can. However, the need in Cambodia for each of these books is so urgent because thousands of young people are coming to Christ and they need discipling as there is no older generation to teach them.  Our aim is to print at least 3,000 copies of each title over the next 12 months. 
  • Sri Lanka: DPM-India Directors, Elsie and Danny continue to make much-needed ministry trips to Sri Lanka to train spiritually hungry Pastors and leaders across the nation. They would like to distribute at least 2,000 copies of LCSP in both the Tamil and Sinhala languages at seminars to be held in the next 12 months.
  • In Nepal, DPM-Director, Ps. Gopaljee, has asked us for a further 10,000 copies to be printed in Nepali.  He says these will be distributed to Pastors, lay leaders, Bible School teachers and students, and church libraries. 

Our average cost to print LCSP in Asia is just $3.00, so may I ask if you could please consider helping us to print 10, 20 or even 100 more copies of Life Changing Spiritual Power in one of these languages and help us to give the gift of Derek’s Bible teaching to thousands more hungry believers who will also help many others to know God’s Word better?


Yes, Warren, I’d like to be part of the One Million Book Mission by helping to print 40,000, or even more copies of Life Changing Spiritual Power

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Many thanks for your help to make our Million Book Dream a reality.

Warren Smith

Regional Director DPM-Asia/Pacific

Yes, Warren, I’d like to be part of the One Million Book Mission by helping to print 40,000, or even more copies of Life Changing Spiritual Power

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